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Clean in Place Strainer

“CLIP” Cleaned-In-Place Pump Suction Strainers“CLIP” Cleaned-In-Place Pump Suction Strainers

Optimum Insurance for Long Life of Close Fitted Pumps

 How Used:

Can be used as a permanent strainer in the line or only for the duration of the startup. If for startup only, they can be removed from line and replaced by a spoolpiece or left in line and either a larger opening screen be substituted or the screen simply removed from the strainer body. They are cleaned merely by opening the valve to the floor drain. They can also backwashed whenever the line is dewatered without removing the line by the use of the water or stream lance.

 Where Used:

These compact, economical strainers are used on any pump suction application to protect not only the pump but also all other vulnerable equipment in horizontal or vertical lines.

 Easy Installation:

No huge basket type, heavy tee type or flimsy cone type strainer to complicate the installation.

Click here to download the Instrument Associates (CLIP) Cleaned in Place Pump Suction Strainer document (pdf)

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